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A Special Welcome to our Special Guest!

Author CJ Henderson!
Author C.J. Henderson will be attending the convention!

C.J. Henderson is an acclaimed Author with well over 70 novels and many, many more works in print, including the Piers Knight supernatural investigator series and the Teddy London occult detective series and also covering a very wide variety of topics. To learn more about CJ and his works check out his homepage or look his works on Amazon.

C.J. will be bringing several recently published new books to the convention!

He'll be available all day Saturday. During Saturday he will run a Call of Cthulhu event in the afternoon and perform a reading in the evening. C.J. was with us from the start this morning but as the day progressed he felt worse for wear and curtailed his stay at about 8PM in the evening. C.J. will not be in attendance Sunday and we hope he is feeling better soon.

Website for C.J. Henderson->